Anytime Activities to build a Culture of Life 

Prayers for Life  
Here are two specific prayers that can help the Respect Life Movement: 



Respect Life Activities  

Birthday Cards 

Have students create generic birthday cards that can be donated to local homeless shelters.  

Respect Life Powerpoint  

Have older students create a chart or power-point with the development of the unborn baby.   

Respect Life Prayer 

Have students create Pro-Life prayer to be used at Respect Life Masses or in classes during Pro-Life week.   

Tiles for Life 

Purchase inexpensive 4x4 ceramic tiles from a hardware store, have the children write pro-life messages on them, spray with a sealer. These can be donated or sold to raise money for pro-life efforts.  

Prayer Stones  

Find stones outside or purchase from a local craft store and write a prayer, bible verse or prayerful word with a sharpie.   
Events and/or Parties 

Host a small or large party to celebrate life and bring awareness to friends, families, and the communityThemes may include Black & White, Ladybug, Poppin’ for Life, Glow Party (more details for events & parties can be found at
Natasia at 504-339-5384 or for questions or assistance in planning a pro-life party J. 
Social Media & Other Outreach Ideas   

  • Create a School Respect Life Page on Instagram and/or Facebook for kids to follow, or use the schools general pagePost Spiritual Adoption Updates, Fetal Facts, Pro-Life Prayers, etc. to this account. 

Other Ideas 

  • Respect Life Movie Night 

  • Respect Life Book Study 

  • Have Respect Life Literature, Books & Videos available (Priests for Life, National Right to Life, Students for Life, & Heritage House are great resources) 

  • Respect Life Booth at Parish Fair or Summer Event 



For more information or help with any of these activities, please contact Natasia Kissinger at or 504-339-5384.    

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