May: Joseph & Mary – The Blessing of Fathers & Mothers

Honor Your Father & Mother


All Grades – Card & Kisses Activity: 1-3 Hershey Kisses for each child and small bags (optional), supplies to make cards for Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day, Spiritual Bouquet Card (Appendix A) 

Discussion Prompt

All Grades

·         Joseph and Mary’s Role & Parents’ Roles: Joseph and Mary play an important role in the Pro-Life Movement in the following ways:

o   Mary said yes to the angel Gabriel. She was frightened when he appeared to her at such a young age and told her that she would be the Mother of God. Mary had many questions and wasn’t sure what was happening at the time. However, Mary simply said, “Yes, let it be done to me according to Your word.”

o   Joseph was also unsure about things. He didn’t fully understand what was happening and why.  He also said yes! He chose to take Mary as his wife to love, care and provide for her and Jesus. Mary was not only Jesus’ mother, but His teacher.

o   Saying yes when we have doubts and fears about something is very hard to do. With hope in God, we can say yes to things we have fear of in our lives. Just as Mary said yes to God, each of our mothers say yes to being our moms every day. Also, just as Joseph said yes to God, our fathers say yes to being our dads every day. 

o   Mothers and fathers are gifts to our families as they provide for our us and give us love and support. Not everyone is able to live with their mom and dad for many reasons. They may live with someone else that cares for and loves them. Let’s pray for those children, and all children, that they will know that they will always have God, the Father. 


Discussion Questions

·         Why do you think Mary and Joseph made these choices?

·         Where do we all grow while we are unborn?

o   In our mother’s womb. Jesus grew and lived in Mary’s womb for 9 months just like we did in our own mother’s womb.

·         Why did God give us parents?

·         What are some things your parents do to help you? Think about physical, spiritual, and emotional gifts your parents give to you.

·         How can you show your parents, caretakers how much you love them?


All Grades: Cards & Kisses Activity

·         Have each student put their Hershey Kisses in their bag. On their card, have them complete “I love giving hugs and kisses to my mom/dad when….” Have the students complete the Spiritual Bouquet Card and include that with the Mother’s Day/Father’s Day card.

Spiritual Works of Mercy & Corporal Works of Mercy

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