February: Pure Love – It’s God’s Love

Our bodies are Temples of the Holy Spirit and should be respected.


Kindergarten – 5th Grade – Heart Project: copy of large heart for each student (Appendix A), markers, crayons and any other art supplies to decorate the heart (contact Natasia, ntkissinger@gmail.com for the template) 

6th Grade and Older   Purity Commitment Cards: copy of card for each student (Appendix A)  
(contact Natasia, ntkissinger@gmail.com for the template) 

Discussion Prompt

God created each of us in His image and likeness.  He gave each of us certain gifts and talents to use for His purpose. We need to believe in ourselves and know that God is always with us to help us make good choices. Many times we make bad choices because we lack belief in ourselves. It is important that we realize the value of our lives and those of our friends.  God created us to eventually be with Him in heaven. He lives in each of us and we are called to show respect to ourselves. God created each one of us for His purpose -to serve Him and others.  Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. God lives inside each of us. Whenever we make a bad choice, we not only hurt ourselves, but we also hurt God.

6th Grade and Older Additional Discussion Prompt:   Every single person is created in the image of God and is a temple of the Holy Spirit. We need to honor God by dressing respectfully and respecting members of the opposite gender. We are called to help others get to heaven, and we can do this by respecting them. God created you for a vocation – to be a wife, husband, single person, or in a religious order. He created us with a pure heart and soul so that we may fill that vocation responsibly. It is our responsibility to remain pure in our thoughts, words, and actions. It doesn’t matter how many “Likes” we get in this world and on social media. What matters is how much “LOVE” we will receive from God, our future spouse and relationships by choosing chastity. The gift of ourselves is the greatest gift we can give our spouses.  

Discussion Questions

·         Genesis 1:26-27 – Read and discuss with students

·         What are some of your gifts and talents?  What do you think God’s purpose for you may be?

·         How can we live according to God’s will? Continually pray and ask God to show you who He created you to be.

·         What are some things that are harmful to us?  

·         How can we show respect for ourselves? Others?

·         Why do we make bad choices at times? Does God still love us? What can we learn from these choices? 

·         What do bad choices do to our relationship with God?  How can we mend our relationship with God after we make bad choices? 

·         Why is it important to believe in ourselves? God created each of us and He does not make mistakes.  When we believe in ourselves and know that we are created for a greater purpose, we are able to make better choices. 


6th Grade and Older Additional Discussion Questions

·         Discuss harmful effects of looking at inappropriate pictures, engaging in inappropriate acts, etc.

·         How do you feel or think you would feel if you looked at inappropriate pictures or participated in appropriate activities?

·         Possibly discuss chastity further (when dating make good choices – always have adult around, pray for your relationship, no harmful substances)

·         What vocation do you think that God may be calling you to?

·         How can your choices today and in the next few years effect that vocation?

Kindergarten – 5th Grade: Heart Project

·         Encourage the students to think of at least 3 things that they like/love about themselves. Create a heart with these 3 things displayed inside. They can color and be as creative as allowed.   Suggestion: Give the heart to their parents to thank them for the gift of life and their special gifts given to them by God.

·         Have the students share their gifts with the class.

·         Ask the students what they think God’s purpose for their life may be using their gifts if you haven’t discussed this already.  


6th Grade and Older: Purity for a Purpose Cards

·         Discuss the meaning of the card with the students. Help them realize that this is an important commitment. This is not something that you should be taken lightly. This is a commitment that they are making to God and themselves.  Have the students read and sign the cards. They may keep these for themselves. Encourage the students to share these with their parents.

·         Remind them that through prayer, God will help them live a life of purity.


Lesson Plan Closing Prayer

Glory Be


Spiritual Works of Mercy & Corporal Works of Mercy
Ideas Available.  Simply contact Natasia Kissinger at ntkissinger@gmail.com

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Spiritual Works of Mercy & Corporal Works of Mercy:

Ideas Available. Simply contact Natasia Kissinger at ntkissinger@gmail.com

                                March: Elderly & Disabled – Lives that Shouldn’t be Labeled

All life is valuable until natural death. 


All Grades – Blindfold Activity: 1-2 scarves or handkerchiefs 

All Grades Grandparent Letter: copy of blank letter template (Appendix A), or you can go to a local Dollar Tree store and purchase a pack of blank cards.

Discussion Prompts & Questions
Discussion about Disabilities

·         Discuss the differences we notice in others - even our family members (hair, eyes, age, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, etc)

o   Do these differences make us less valuable? Why or why not? 

o   Ask if the students know someone with a disability? What is their disability? How have they overcome this disability?

o   What are some other disabilities that people may have?

o   Are these people less valuable?  

o   What are some of their strengths? 

o   Do we have the right to end his life because of the disability? No, only God can create a life and take a life. 

o   How can we help the disabled in our community?

Discussion about the Elderly

·         How do the elderly (grandparents) help us?  Why are they valuable?

o   They can love us and pray for us. The times they lived in are different than ours; therefore, they give us a glimpse of history as they remember it. Life and the way of living was much different when they were your age. Many times they have a different perspective on life because of lessons they learned from choices they have made over the years. Spending time with the elderly is valuable because they are full of history, but may lose some memory as they age. 

·         What can we do to reach out to the elderly? Ideas Spend time with your grandparent, adopt a grandparent in a retirement home in your community. Pray for the elderly, visit with them, let them know how much you value them and what they have contributed to the world with their gifts and talents. 

All Grades: Blindfold Activity

·         Put the blindfold over a student’s eyes. Have another student lead him/her. Have the blindfolded student attempt to do different activities (ie, write, tie his/her shoe, shake someone’s hand). Try it with several different students. Have each student pay attention to how they feel, what they think they can still do with that disability, etc.

·         Blindfold Activity Discussions

o   How did it feel to be blindfolded and led by someone else? 

o   Was he/she any less valuable because they couldn’t see?

o   How did it feel leading that person? 

o   Have students list/discuss ways that they can help the disabled and the elderly.

o   Discuss the ways that many people overcome their disability.

All Grades: Grandparent Letter

·         Have each student write a letter to their grandparent, an elderly person or someone they know who is disabled. Encourage the students to thank these people for things they have done for them and let them know how much they love them and appreciate them. They can also write a prayer for this person and include it.


Additional Activity: Visit Elderly or Disabled Home

·         Encourage the students to visit their grandparents, a nursing home, a home for the disabled or a hospital. They can assist the elderly or disabled in some way. For example, students may do some chores with them, pray with them, share stories with each other, etc.


Closing Prayer:

Glory Be

Spiritual Works of Mercy & Corporal Works of Mercy:
Ideas Available.  Simply contact Natasia Kissinger at ntkissinger@gmail.com


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