Fun Summer Activities to build a Culture of Life

Prayers for Life
Here are two specific prayers that can help the Respect Life Movement:

·         The Litany of St. Gianna Beretta Molla, found at

·         You can hold a Pro-Life Prayer Service, Eucharist Prayer Service, or “Having a Christian ConsciencePrayer Service. These are available by contacting Natasia Kissinger,



Respect Life Activities 

Birthday Cards
Have students create generic birthday cards that can be donated to local homeless shelters. 

Respect Life Powerpoint
Have older students create a chart or power-point with the development of the unborn baby.  

Respect Life Prayer
Have students create Pro-Life prayer to be used at Respect Life Masses or in classes during Pro-Life week.  

Tiles for Life
Purchase inexpensive 4x4 ceramic tiles from a hardware store, have the children write pro-life messages on them, spray with a sealer. These can be donated or sold to raise money for pro-life efforts.

Prayer Stones
Find stones outside or purchase from a local craft store and write a prayer, bible verse or prayerful word with a sharpie.  

Events and/or Parties
Host a small or large party to celebrate life and bring awareness to friends, families, and the community. Themes may include Black & White, Ladybug, Poppinfor Life, Glow Party (more details for events & parties can be found at Contact Natasia at 504-339-5384 or for questions or assistance in planning a pro-life party J.

Social Media & Other Outreach Ideas  

·         Create a School Respect Life Page on Instagram and/or Facebook for kids to follow, or use the schools general page. Post Spiritual Adoption Updates, Fetal Facts, Pro-Life Prayers, etc. to this account.

Other Ideas

·         Respect Life Movie Night

·         Respect Life Book Study

·         Have Respect Life Literature, Books & Videos available (Priests for Life, National Right to Life, Students for Life, & Heritage House are great resources)

·         Respect Life Booth at Parish Fair or Summer Event


      · a great website with ideas for teaching pro-life values and many other Catholic issues

·         ProLife Across America: A national organization that places billboards throughout the country. This would be a great organization to donate money to and request that a billboard be placed in your community.

For more information or help with any of these activities, please contact Natasia Kissinger at or 504-339-5384.   



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