Mission Statement

 All life is created in the image of God and deserves to be respected and protected.   Our Mission is to enlighten others on the importance of treating ALL LIFE with dignity and compassion – from conception until natural death.   We, as concerned business owners strive to educate the community on the importance of abstinence/chastity, adoption, respect for each person regardless of disabilities, race, and any individual differences.  We also enlighten the community to the horror of abortion, euthanasia and other procedures that destroy LIFE across this blessed nation.  We believe we can make a difference! We pledge our prayers, time and resources to this end.

 Quick Facts  about the Unborn Baby
*Conception - ALL of the inherited features are determined – eye color, hair color, dimples, etc.
*18 Days - the unborn baby’s heart starts beating 
*43 days - the Baby’s Brain Coordinates Movements
*8 Weeks – ALL Organs are Functioning
*9 Weeks – the Baby Has Permanent, Individual Fingerprints
*10 Weeks – Baby has a Sense of Touch and can Feel Comfort & Pain
*12 Weeks – the Baby can Smile, Suck His/Her Thumb and Make a Fist
*12 Weeks – 40 Weeks – Baby just needs to grow big and strong to Survive outside the Mother’s Womb

Quick Facts about Abortion
*Over 1.3 Million Surgical Abortions occur each year (Less than 4% are for reasons of rape, incest, or claim serious medical concerns)
*Over 4,400 pre-born babies are killed EACH DAY by abortion
*Abortion is LEGAL through ALL NINE MONTHS of pregnancy
*The LARGEST ABORTION CLINIC in LOUISIANA is located in METAIRIE – over 300 pre-born babies lose their lives to abortion a month at this clinic
*Over 3,000 pro-life crisis pregnancy centers exist in the U.S. offering support to women and their babies
*Adoption – Over 2 MILLION couples are waiting to adopt – that includes children of all races and those with special needs

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