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“Footprints for Life”

                  Empowering & Educating Children to Change the Culture

What is it? Footprints for Life is a program designed to encourage and empower children to build a Culture of Life.  This program builds on a foundation of love, truth and dignity.  The program covers all of the USCCB Culture of Life topics age-appropriately, and incorporates the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy into the study of these issues.  It is designed to be easily integrated into an already existing program. 

Who should use it?  This program can be adapted for grades Kindergarten through high school.  All of the material was written to teach children of any age and can be easily adjusted as needed.

Why should I use it with my students/children?  As a mother of six children and a former elementary teacher, I see the many challenges to human dignity that our children are faced with daily. It is important that we teach them to love & respect others – no matter race, size, beliefs, etc. Also, children need to know that they CAN make a difference, even with the smallest of actions. By teaching our children to pray for, respect and support those in need, we raise children that stand for what they believe in and, most importantly, come to know that God will provide. The children of today have a passion for protecting life….they just need a path.

How do I use it?  The program was created to focus on one or two USCCB topics per month.  Each month contains everything you need to share the lesson with your children.  The lessons offer material that can be incorporated into one lesson or carried out in several lessons.  “Footprints for Life” is designed to be used during the school year, September – May.  

"Footprints for Life" Table of Contents:
September  "Masterpieces of God- Love One Another" 
October:         "Life of the Unborn Child - Pray & Protect" - Respect Life Month - Focus ALL Life from creation until natural death.  Have a                                               Proudly Pro-Life Week with daily activities for the students. 
November:    "Adoption is the Only Option" - Adoption Awareness Month
December:     "A Mother's 'Yes' - A Child Blessed"
January:       "The Voice for the Voiceless" - Roe v Wade Commemoration - Our responsibility to vote for only Pro-Life leaders and to be a                                               voice This is also a great time to have a Baby Shower or Pro-Life Celebration to celebrate the lives being saved through the Spiritual                                                       Adoption program.  Roe V Wade allowed abortion to become legal in the United States on January 22, 1973.   Your event can take place                                                near that date to commemorate this date.     
February:     "Pure Love - It's God's Love"
March:          "Elderly & Disabled - Lives that shouldn't be Labeled" - Euthanasia
April:             "Homeless, Prisoners - Lives with a Purpose & Worthy of Forgiveness" 
May:              "Joseph and Mary - The Blessing of Fathers & Mothers" 

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Our Featured Monthly Activity 

Additional Lessons* created by Natasia Kissinger: 

Ladybug Warriors  for Life Lesson - Using the Ladybug Legend, students will learn how they can become Ladybug Warriors for Life. 

Fat Tuesday for Life Lesson - In hopes of finding the baby in the king cake & behind the mask of Mardi Gras, we can teach children the value of life.  Use this Fat Tuesday for  Life lesson with the youth and share the dignity, compassion & truth of life. 

Princes & Princesses for Life Lesson - Jesus is our King! Use this lesson to teach children how they can live as princes & princesses for life

Hand of Christ -  God created each of us with a purpose. He asked us to be His hands and feet on earth.  


More Resources:

Culture of Life Studies -This is a great resource! It is compatible to the "Footprints for Life" program created by Natasia. Contact Natasia Kissinger at to purchase these materials or mention ChoosetheChild when placing an order through their website. 

Catholic Icing has great Pro-Life Resources for children!
Holy Heroes has a GREAT Spiritual Adoption Program!

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