“Culture of Life”  Committee of Divine Mercy Parish – Spiritual, Educational & Legislative Activity

The Basics - We are planning to meet every other month.  Our primary communication will be via email & Facebook.  We will pray and participate in various activities to support LIFE.  Although, you may not be able to help with every activity, we ask that you try to participate in a couple per year.  They are going to be fun, life-saving and rewarding for all involved.  If you have any questions, please contact Natasia Kissinger, ntkissinger@gmail.com, 504-339-5384

USSCB would like us to focus on all of the life issues throughout they year:
Artificial Reproductive Technologies (IVF/ART)
Assisted Suicide
Capital Punishment
Conscience Protection
End of Life Issues
Human Cloning
Human Trafficking
Post-Abortion Healing
Stem Cell Research


1. To Become Informed on the life issues – abortion, infanticide, euthanasia by reviewing certain basic educational materials 
-“The Challenge to Be Pro-Life”
-“When You Were Formed in Secret”
-“Abortion: The Silent Holocaust” by John Powell

2. Stay Informed on the current status of the life issues by subscribing to key pro-life publications – USCCB, National Right to Life News, LifeNews.com and Religious Outreach, Louisiana Right to Life, Abby Johnson

3. Inform Others within the parish community, with the assistance of the pastor and priests, of the sanctity of human life, of the radical nature of the Supreme Court abortion decisions and of the consequent need to restore legal protection for all human life through protective legislation both at the state and national level. 

4. Recruit Volunteers through Volunteer Interest Surveys, Social Media, personal contact and other means, those members of the parish who are interested in becoming involved in efforts to restore respect for human life and secure legal protection for the unborn.  

5. Organize those who have been informed and recruited into various projects designed to:
-Pray individually and with others for the restoration of respect for all human life
-Educate within the parish on the life issues
-Respond to action alerts distributed by the LA Right to Life regarding state and national legislation.
-Express Support for pro-life legislation to legislators at the local, state and national level.
-Raise Funds for local and state pro-life organizations.
-Stimulate support for membership in local and state pro-life organizations. 
-Focus attention on the life issues at key times during the year, namely January 22nd (anniversary of Roe v Wade), and October (Respect Life Month)
-Support Service Projects to aid the elderly, the handicapped, the poor, distressed pregnant women, women and men suffering the aftereffects of abortion, etc. 

To Get Started

1. Make a banner or display for your Respect Life Committee
2. Ask Pastor to use the Prayers of the Faithful and Bulletin inserts sent each month. You can also post these on Social Media
3. Actively promote the January 22nd Commemoration (sponsored by New Orleans Right to Life) This is usually held the Saturday on or before January 22nd – Mass and rally with prayer for unborn, women and clinic personnel
4.  Spiritual Adoption – a parish-wide activity – can do it in the school too.  IDEA: You can plant a barren tree branch with several small limbs (use terra cotta planter filled with Quick-crete) – and bring this barren tree to life with the names of those who are praying for an unborn child whom they have named.  Use some symbol to hang on the tree where the names of the spiritually adopted baby can be written, along with the name of the person praying and when they began their commitment. Spiritual Adoptions can also be prayed for prisoners, elderly, etc. – End the Spiritual Adoption with a Celebration to benefit a non-profit life-affirming organization.  
5.  Blessing of Mothers on Mother’s Day and Blessing of Fathers on Father’s Day
6. Celebrate LIFE! – an end of school liturgy and celebration
7. Sponsor a literature rack in the back of church on ALL life issues
8. First Friday Holy Hour for the Mothers in Need and their Unborn babies
9. Encourage others to become volunteers at pregnancy centers, retirement homes, homes for disabled, prisons, etc.  
10.  Always encourage your pastor to involve the church in legislative activity (via email, website, social media).  
11.  Work through the school and other church organizations to promote Respect Life Education. (PK-8)
12.  Publicize the Rosary Novena for Life and Sidewalk Counseling (a legal activity sponsored by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of New Orleans)

All information on this website is - Copyright: Natasia T. Kissinger, 2016