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                                        LadyBug Warriors Lesson

Concept/Objective: The students will learn the Legend of the Ladybug and how it got its name.  In this lesson students will learn how they can be Ladybug Warriors for Life through prayer and simple actions.   Just as Our Lady answered Jesus’ call to help others, we are taught to do the same. We can call on Mary to intercede for us through the Rosary and other prayers. 

Spiritual Works of Mercy:
Bible Verse: And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit, and she exclaimed with a loud cry, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!” Luke 1: 41-42

Ladybug: Hail Mary Prayers said while completing the ladybug activity.

Corporal Works of Mercy: The ladybugs made in the activity can be given to a local pregnancy resource center. The center can give it to the women with unplanned pregnancies as a spiritual bouquet.

Materials/Supplies needed:
-"The Grouchy Ladybug" book, Eric Carle
-Red, black and green construction paper
-Black dots cut from construction paper
-Black markers/crayons
-Googly eyes (2 per child)

Opening Prayer: Hail Mary

1. Read "The Grouchy Ladybug" book to the children. Discuss.

“The Grouchy Ladybug” Discussion:
a. In the story, what does the Grouchy Ladybug do all day?
b. What happens 
when Grouchy Ladybug meets the gorilla?
c. What happens when the Grouchy Ladybug meets the whale?
d. Why should we be kind to others?
e. How did the grouchy ladybug treat others?  How does Jesus want us to treat others?

2. Read the “Legend of the Ladybug” to the children.  Discuss.

“Legend of the Ladybug” Discussion
a. In the Legend, what did the farmers in the Middle Ages do when their crops were being ruined by pests?
b. How are ladybugs like warriors?
c. Why is prayer important?
d. How can we be ladybug warriors to help the unborn babies and all life?

Read to the children:
Legend of the Ladybug - The Meaning of the name "Ladybug"--Many sources say that ladybugs get their name from the praise of Our Lady. In Europe, many years ago (the Middle Ages), farmers were having their crops ruined by insects and pests. They prayed to the Virgin Mary for help. Soon after they started praying, they noticed that their crops started thriving and growing again.  When they looked closer, they saw lots of pretty red-and-black beetles had arrived and were eating the pests that were ruining their crops, the farmers called these hero-bugs “The Beetles of Our Lady.” The bugs were like soldiers called in to battle the pests destroying the crops.  Eventually, “Beetle of Our Lady” was shortened to Lady Beetle (a name still used in some places) or Lady Bug.  Just like LadyBugs, we are called to be warriors called in to pray for the babies in their mommies tummies.  LadyBugs are male and female.  We can pray for the babies so that they will be born healthy, happy & holy :) 
We are called to be the Ladybug Warriors for the unborn babies.

Share with students: Each of us is called to be a ladybug warrior for life.  We are called to pray for and protect all life.  Many people have referred to the rosary as their “secret weapon.”  Let the students know that we will be saying a decade of the rosary so that babies wills be born happy, healthy and holy. 

Ladybug Prayer Activity:  
1. Discuss the importance of prayer, especially the rosary. We have faith that Jesus will bring our prayers to the babies in the mommies’ tummies. The Hail Mary prayer is a prayer to Our Lady asking her to intercede on our behalf. 
2. Complete the Ladybug Prayer Project.  
    a. Red construction paper – Use the template to trace the ladybug’s body. Black construction paper – Use the template to trace the ladybug’s head and 5 spots. Cut out the pieces. 
     b. Glue the large black circle onto the tip of the heart to create the ladybug’s head. Glue the eyes onto the head. Use the black marker to draw a line down the ladybug’s back to create its wings.  Draw two antennae next to the bug’s head. 
     c. Say a “Hail Mary” to represent each of the Joyful Mysteries* together as a class.  After each Hail Mary Prayer is said, have the children glue a black dot on the ladybug.  Continue for the remaining dots.

Always Activities:
These two activities are always encouraged at a pro-life party :)
      -Have a thumbprint activity.  Have each child put their thumbprint on a card or tile and create a picture with it.  Discuss that no one has the same thumbprints - even identical twins.  We are all created in a unique way for unique purpose. 
    -Blow bubbles to emphasize how delicate the womb is inside the mom.  We must pray for the unborn babies to be able to grow healthy until it is time for them to be born. 

Closing Prayer: Glory Be

Suggested Snacks:
Red punch
Strawberries with chocolate chips inserted in them to look like spots
Ladybug cupcakes 

Red punch
Strawberries with chocolate chips inserted in them to look like spots
Ladybug cupcakes  

Suggested Favors
-Inexpensive rosaries
-Pro-Life bookmarks
-Precious Feet pin

A hard copy of the lesson is available for FREE and includes a FREE GIFT! 

*The Joyful Mysteries can be found here

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