January 28, 2016
"BELIEVE" - a word that is used by people of all ages in all cultures.  We believe in Santa Claus.... we believe in certain causes that are important to us... we believe that the world is darkened by sin.  But more importantly, we believe in God and that He sent His only Son, Jesus to save each one of us!  If you were the only person in this whole world, God would've still sent Jesus to be your Savior.  God created each one of us in His image! - for His purpose.  
Each one of us is His Masterpiece.

In today's world, so many of us struggle with our identity and the ways of this world.  Our children, especially the teenagers of today, long for security, love and attention.  God gave our children to us to care for love make them feel secure, but ultimately, to get each one of them to heaven. 
Everyday our children are faced with decisions - many choices we didn't have to make when we were younger. They search Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and so much more trying to find their place in the world...longing to be accepted by friends and peers.  As parents, our job is to guide and teach our children that they are priceless because they were created by God in HIS IMAGE!  This is so powerful - a God that loves each of us so much, that He chose to create us in His own image.   If we don't teach our children this, the world will tell them the exact opposite. 
As a mom of 6 children, ages 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, & 19, I know that parenting is not an easy task.  However, Ricky and I know that every single issue, lesson learned and difficulty is an opportunity for us to assure our children that they were created for GREAT things in this world and that Heaven is our eternal reward.  Everyday is an opportunity to help our children grow in faith, love and hope in Jesus.  
The number one reason that teens gave for making the right decisions in their life, from treating others kindly to abstaining from sexual relations, was that their parents BELIEVED in them! 
 Yes, we believe, but 
do we let our children know how much we Believe...

5 girls and a boy 

The other day one of my girls asked if I was alive when the world didn't have any color.  I answered as any loving mom would answer and simply replied, "What??!!"  She said, "you know, like when all the pictures were black and white." 
 I asked her if she thought that the world was seen in only black and white at the time those photographs were taken. 
She sweetly answered, "yes."  I went on to explain that the world has always been in color but the cameras at that time were only able to show the images in black and white.

I also informed her that I was NOT born when only black and white images were available in photography :)   

Children are blessings to us all - their simplicity, their innocence and their thirst for truth!  Our children are the foundation of change in the world.  
Yes, life is black and white, but God's gift of children, "Color our World Beautiful"...  



Jesus, Mary & St. JOSEPH

December 20, 2014
Merry Christmas to each one of you and your families... 

With CHRISTmas only a few days away, my children are filled with joy, anticipation & a whole lot of craziness!  I guess I should be honest with you, I am too :)  There is something so magical about this time of year.  From ages 1-101, it seems that most of us feel a sense of joy, hope and sometimes uncontrollable excitement at this time of the year. We know and do our best to remember that it is CHRISTmas and that Jesus is the Re...
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"Great-ful" for You

November 7, 2014

I am so "Great-ful" for you - each of you makes my world a little more GREAT!‚Äč  I know we are all noticing little, and some not-so-little, glimmers of Christmas in our community.  I love Christmas and the joy and hope it brings each year! However, in November, I like to take time to reflect on the blessings that God has freely given me and my awesome family.   All of us endure struggles in our life - in the past, at this time, or still to come - some are tiny and some are huge - But one t...

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Big God...Small Gifts!

August 26, 2014
Big God...Small Gifts!   
     Birthdays are such awesome events!! With the much anticipated and exciting day of the actual birth until the very last birthday that we celebrate on this earth, birthdays are always cause for a celebration!  As children, we would count down the months, weeks and days each year to our next birthday.  As adults, somewhere between the ages of forty and eighty, we may not be so excited for that milestone that awaits us annually.  But I believe, after the age of 80 or...

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February 14, 2014
Love is a word that many of use in so many ways throughout our lives.  It seems that sometimes we use it so often that we lose sight of "Real Love".   Yesterday, my Kindergartner brought a card home with these statements... "Love is Serving God....Love is Sharing....Love is Helping...Love is Praying...Love is Taking Turns...Love is Giving"   
If only we all could remember to live by these basic "rules" of Love, what a better world we would be living in.  
Of course we know that Jesus LOVE...

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January 9, 2014
Happy New Year to You and Your Family!!  With a new year comes much talk of new plans, resolutions and ways of living. Some like to think of it as "refresh" on life.   As a Catholic, we are always given a way to "refresh" by going to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  What an incredible gift given to us - a chance to refresh, reconcile, renew and be forgiven!   For many of us, our resolutions are often forgotten by the end of January.  This year, I decided not to focus on a resolut...

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If Mary was Pro-Choice

July 28, 2013

If Mary was Pro-Choice:

God's Son would not have been born.
There would be NO Christmas.
God's Son, Jesus couldn't have died on the Cross.
Our sins wouldn't be saved!
Think about it, if 15-year-old, unmarried, Mary was pro-choice
we would would not be forgiven for our sins.

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Can My Teen remain Abstinent?

July 28, 2013

Can your teenager remain Abstinent until Marriage?

In today's world, where sex is dominant, it is hard to believe that anyone does or can remain abstinent until marriage. With the media and society accepting that pre-marital sex is the norm, many of our youth have mixed signals. So many of the TV shows and movies that our youth are watching promote sexual ...

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The Pill - Cause an Abortion?

July 28, 2013

Does "the Pill" cause an abortion?

With the birth of my fourth, fifth & sixth child came many comments such as - "Are those all yours?", "Are you finished yet?", "Don't you know what causes that?"  With only three children these comments were very rare because our society accepts three children as the norm. Although, I think our family may be complete, I d...

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STDs & My Teen

July 28, 2013

 Can my teen get a SexuallyTransmitted Disease?

In todays' world, society makes sex look like something very casual and common. However, the television shows and movies don't show the horrible effects of casual sex. Many teens today think that "having sex" means having intercourse. While they refrain from intercourse, they believe it is all right to participate in other sexu...

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