he first "word" I want to share with you is actually a symbol. 

It is the "Chi-Rho" symbol.  Now, it doesn't actually start with "P", but it certainly has "P" in it :)    ~~The letters "X" and "P" representing  the first letters of the title "Christos", were eventually put together to form this symbol for Christ ("Chi" is pronounced "Kie"). It is this form of the Cross that Constantine saw in his vision along with the Greek words, TOUTO NIKA, which are rendered in Latin as "In hoc signo vinces" and which mean "in this sign thou shalt conquer.  (fisheaters.com)~~

Wow!  This one symbol says so many things, it would be impossible to touch on all of them.  The very basic principle of this symbol is - Christ ~ in this sign thou shalt conquer.   This is truly the Greatest Gift given!  Through, Christ, we can conquer.  As we start Holy Week, we can reflect on the many things that Christ has conquered for us personally, for our families, for our country and for our world.  He has actually conquered the entire world by His death and Resurrection - how blessed are we that our God LOVES US SO MUCH that He gave us His Only Son....   The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Gift!!   Jesus is always with each one of us through every rainy day and storm we face.  Many times we let fear creep in and sometimes take over - because, yes, we are human :)    However, just the name of "Jesus Christ" can conquer any situation you are struggling or fighting.  Just a simple whisper of His name, is a very powerful prayer.  Because of the respect we give to Jesus, the name "Jesus Christ" should only be used in prayer. 
As I go through this very special "Holy Week", I want to share the name "Jesus" often with my children so they become aware that He is their friend, He is always with them and He will get them through any storms they face.

We thank you, Jesus for all that You have conquered for us and we look forward to our journey with You as the Ultimate Conqueror.  In Jesus' name, we pray...Amen
Have a very blessed Holy Week & Happy Easter....
Natasia Lucia