P-Prayer and Problems

May 9, 2013
Prayer and Problems
Problems - Trials - Despair       All of us have encountered these things on a yearly, monthly or daily basis. Many times we find ourselves asking - "why?"  Why do I have to struggle and suffer through this - why are there so many problems in the world - why do "bad things" happen to me?

Instead, we should be asking - "why not me"?  Jesus, Himself had to suffer in a horrific way.  Why wouldn't we have to suffer in some way?  Of course we  were created in God's image and with a specific purpose to fulfill His plan, not ours.  One of our purposes is to live each day with "LIFE and LIVE LIFE to the FULL" John 10:10   In our lives we will endure pain and suffering in different ways and at different times.  However, there is good news in all of the suffering and pain we endure.   This world is only temporary...a "dress rehearsal" for our life in eternity with God and all of His angels.  Like Kelly Clarkson sings, "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger"   Yes, every ounce of pain and suffering that we endure makes us stronger if we endure it  WITH GOD.  So many times, when "bad things" happen, we immediately ask, "why me" or we become completely discouraged and depressed.   And we almost always try to figure out how to "fix" our problems on our own.   However, in those times of tribulation, our God is right there with us - holding our hand and carrying us through.  Many times,  we don't acknowledge His presence because we can only see with our human eyes what is happening.  Rather, when these things happen and we immediately reach out to Our Father and His Blessed Mother, the situation somehow becomes a little more bearable.  No, it may not take the pain away or cause the problem to diminish.  However, by calling on God, we are able to find comfort knowing that He is with us and will see us through the pain.  He wants and longs for us to go to Him for every detail of our lives - the good, the bad and the ugly!   He doesn't cause the pain and suffering, but will use it to bring about the greater good for all.  This "problem or issue" will somehow bring greater blessings in our lives because God is Good All the Time!

In addition to calling on God, we can also use our difficulties and pain as a form of prayer.  Whenever we encounter emotional or physical pain, we can "offer it up".  Simply say that you are offering up your pain in union with Jesus' suffering of the passion for the intention of...   By doing this, we take the focus off of ourselves and problems, and bring our attention to helping others who are suffering in some way.  
It is so much for fulfilling to ourselves and to God, when we take the focus off or ourselves and serve others.  By offering your pain and suffering for the betterment of someone else, we are truly serving God by praying for someone else in need.   This is exactly what Jesus did when He CHOSE to suffer and die for you and me.  What a Gift!!   What a Gift, to be able to serve others by choosing to use our suffering and pain to help others in their time of need. 

Of course, we would all love to live in a world of no pain and suffering - don't worry, God has prepared the BIGGEST banquet and party for us in eternity.  Through our pain, problems and prayer, we have the ability to help others meet us at the great Feast of Eternity....

P - a Powerful letter

March 25, 2013
he first "word" I want to share with you is actually a symbol. 

It is the "Chi-Rho" symbol.  Now, it doesn't actually start with "P", but it certainly has "P" in it :)    ~~The letters "X" and "P" representing  the first letters of the title "Christos", were eventually put together to form this symbol for Christ ("Chi" is pronounced "Kie"). It is this form of the Cross that Constantine saw in his vision along with the Greek words, TOUTO NIKA, which are rendered in Latin as "In hoc signo vince...

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Lucie's Light

March 23, 2013
Hey there....
Thanks so much for taking a peek at my "so-called blog".  I started this ChoosetheChild.com website about 10 years ago and have been changing and re-adjusting things over those years.  However, I never really asked God what He thought about the site or how He would like me to use it. 

In the last couple of weeks, all of these incredible words have been coming to me in prayer - they all begin with "P".   I started writing the words down as they came to me and I created a p...

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