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Big God...Small Gifts!

Posted by Blessings on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, In : Life to the Fullest 
Big God...Small Gifts!   
     Birthdays are such awesome events!! With the much anticipated and exciting day of the actual birth until the very last birthday that we celebrate on this earth, birthdays are always cause for a celebration!  As children, we would count down the months, weeks and days each year to our next birthday.  As adults, somewhere between the ages of forty and eighty, we may not be so excited for that milestone that awaits us annually.  But I believe, after the age of 80 or...

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Lucie's Light

Posted by Blessings on Saturday, March 23, 2013, In : Life to the Fullest 
Hey there....
Thanks so much for taking a peek at my "so-called blog".  I started this website about 10 years ago and have been changing and re-adjusting things over those years.  However, I never really asked God what He thought about the site or how He would like me to use it. 

In the last couple of weeks, all of these incredible words have been coming to me in prayer - they all begin with "P".   I started writing the words down as they came to me and I created a p...

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Lucie's Light Hi there...Thanks for taking a peek at my blog. I am a wife and mom, blessed with a wonderful husband and six beautiful children. My husband, Ricky, and I were high school sweethearts and married right after college. We have five daughters and one son, ages 4 through 19 :) Our mission, as a family, is to share our love of God, the Light of Christ, and the gift of our Blessed Mother will all. We are also committed to taking an active role in the Respect Life Movement in many ways. We ask for your prayers that God may guide us and lead us everyday to know His will. Please know that you and your family are in our prayers. Blessings, Natasia Lucia
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