Does "the Pill" cause an abortion?

With the birth of my fourth, fifth & sixth child came many comments such as - "Are those all yours?", "Are you finished yet?", "Don't you know what causes that?"  With only three children these comments were very rare because our society accepts three children as the norm. Although, I think our family may be complete, I do not know what God has planned for us. As a Catholic, I have always believed that birth control was wrong because you are relying on artificial means to prevent a pregnancy. Only in the last couple of years have I come to know just how harmful some forms of birth control can be. The method of birth control I am referring to is commonly known as "the Pill". Although almost all forms of birth control can be harmful in some way, the Pill seems to be the most popular and just as harmful as the IUD and other abortifacient types of birth control. Though there are several types available on the market today, they all work to do the same things. First, they prevent ovulation by suppressing the part of the brain, which signals for ovulation to begin. Second, they change the lining in the cervix to make it more difficult for sperm to pass through and fertilize the egg. They also cause changes to the movement of the Fallopian Tubes, which make fertilization more difficult. Finally, the Pill will prevent implantation of a newly conceived human life on the lining of the womb should conception take place.

(1) This was extremely shocking to me. When they were developing the Pill, they realized that the first three mechanisms would allow too many women to become pregnant. Therefore, they added another chemical to the pill, which denies the growing baby to continue to develop properly. The new conceived life will not be able to implant on the lining of the uterus to continue it's growth. Instead, it will be expelled from it's mother's body. It is estimated that the Pill kills children between two and ten percent of the time.
(2) However, if the mother is taking antibiotics and some other medicines, this will increase the abortion-causing nature of the Pill.
(3) Also, in 1988 the amount of the contraceptive component of the Pill was lowered. The lower levels of this component allow the abortion-causing component of the Pill to come into play more often. It is estimated that today the Pill causes abortions up to fifty percent of the time!(4) It is so sad too think that some children's lives are being destroyed without their mother even knowing they existed. Please take the time to visit these links, which will answer any questions you many have regarding this issue.
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