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                        Princes & Princesses for Pro-Life 

Concept/Objective: God is our King!  Each of us is created for His purpose and His plan.  Princes and Princesses are the children of royalty.  They display characteristics of humility, service, compassion and so much more.  It is important that we instill this idea in our children - they are jewels in this world and need to be treated with respect. 

Spiritual Works of Mercy:
Bible Verse: For through faith you are all children of God in Christ Jesus.” Gal 3:26

Corporal Works of Mercy: Make “Happy Birthday Prince of Jesus” and “Happy Birthday Princess of Jesus” birthday cards.  These can be donated to a homeless shelter for children.

Materials/Supplies Needed:  
-“The Princess and the Kiss” book, Jennie Bishop 
-Supplies to make crowns and tiaras (inexpensive supplies can be found at your local craft store)
-Stamp pad(s)
-Gold coins (chocolate candy) 
-Hershey Kisses

Opening Prayer:
Dear Lord, You have created each of us in your image.  As sons and daughter of Christ, we are the princes and princesses of the King.  Please guide us daily to make choices of love, hope and faith.  May we always treat others with dignity, compassion and truth. Help us to be respectful of ourselves and each other.  We ask this in your name… Amen.

Read “The Princess and the Kiss” book to the children or have them take turns reading.     
1. What was the special gift from God given to the princess when she was born? (her first kiss)
2. Who is she saving her kiss for? (Her father told her to use wisdom and save the kiss for the man she will marry. The princess took her father's words to heart and kept her kiss safe in the castle tower.)
3. Why didn't the princess give her kiss to Prince Peacock, Prince Romance or Prince Treasurechest? 
(Prince Peacock - She saw his heart was full of himself; Prince Romance - She knew he would lose her kiss; Prince Treasurechest - She knew her kiss wouldn't be special to him because of his riches)
4. Why did the princess choose the common man?  (He was sincere and didn't place importance on material things.  He simply had his first kiss to give and had saved it for the girl he would marry.) 

5. Why are we Princes and Princesses for Life?  Possible answer - God is our King and He created us as His children for a life of purpose.  
6. Why are princes and princesses so important? Possible answer - They are born into royalty and have a prominent place in their community
7. Why are we princes and princesses? Who is our King? We are children of the King.  Jesus is our King. 
8. As royalty of Jesus’ kingdom, how should we act? Possible answers - We should act with dignity, belief, respect.  
9. How should we treat the girls/boys that we are friends with? We should treat everyone with respect and dignity. 
10. What can we do to help others know that they are Princes and Princesses of Jesus? Possible answer - Treat them with respect, say kind things to them, let them know how much we love them & God loves them, pray for them. 

1. Have the children gather their supplies to make their crowns and tiaras.
2. Share with the children: God created each of us for His purpose and we/they are His precious Princes and Princesses.  We are all jewels in His kingdom and everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. 
3. For each jewel placed on the tiara/crown, have the children say a prayer (ie Hail Mary, Our Father, etc) for themselves and others to be treated with respect and dignity.  (suggested to have 5-8 jewels to place on crown for prayer)

Always Activities:
These two activities are always encouraged at a pro-life party :)
      -Have a thumbprint activity.  Have each child put their thumbprint on a card or tile and create a picture with it. 
 Discuss that no one has the same thumbprints - even identical twins.  We are all created in a unique way for unique purpose. 
    -Blow bubbles to emphasize how delicate the womb is inside the mom.  We must pray for the unborn babies to be able to grow healthy until it is time for them to be born. 

Closing Prayer: Glory Be

Suggested Snacks: 
Blue & Pink Punch
Hershey Kisses – Give one Hershey Kiss to each student.  Let them know that it is for them to represent the special kiss given to them by God to save for their husband/wife.  (The children can eat the Hershey Kiss if they choose:)
Crown cookies
Chocolate covered pretzel sticks (scepters)
Candy necklaces 
Strawberries, pineapples, grapes or other fruit

Suggested Favors:
Gold Coins (candy) - Each of us is worth far more than gold, we are princes and princesses of the King. 

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