Providing a Path...

By purchasing our exclusive respect life products or making a small donation,
you can show your celebration and appreciation of the Gift of Life 
and support the work we are doing here at Choose the Child! 
A percentage of ALL SALES are donated to the Culture of Life Movement! 

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Trades of Hope - Every purchase of our ethically produced pieces
supports a woman to become the hero of her own story. 



Help us "Provide a Path" 
Our children are "passionately pro-life" - they just need a path...

You can make a donation to our organization to support our dedication to...
"educating and empowering children to change the culture" 
You can simply visit and make a payment to

(Choose the Child is not a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. 
 At this time, we are registered as Choose the Child, LLC.  
Because of the resources and cost it would take to create the non-profit status,
we decided that an LLC is best at this time. The main reason organizations have a 501c3 status
is for people who make large donations.  We are only asking for small donations for our ministry.)


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