Providing a Path...

By making a small donation or purchasing our exclusive respect life products, 
you can show your celebration and appreciation of the Gift of Life 
and support the work we are doing here at Choose the Child! 

A percentage of ALL SALES
are donated to the Culture of Life Movement!


Help us "Provide a Path" 
Our children are "passionately pro-life" - they just need a path...

You can make a donation to our organization to support our dedication to...
"Cultivating a Culture of Life in our Children" 

You can simply make a donation via Venmo (@Natasia-Kissinger) or  PayPal.Me/NKissinger

(Choose the Child is not a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. 
 At this time, we are registered as Choose the Child, LLC.  
Because of the resources and cost it would take to create the non-profit status, 
we decided that an LLC is best at this time. The main reason organizations have a 501c3 status
is for people who make large donations.  We are only asking for small donations for our ministry.)

Donations Have Made in the Following Names:

In Memory of Irma Fournier  by Gloria Jean

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