small things...GREAT LOVE 


Do small things with GREAT love ~ Mother Theresa

Pray - It changes things

  • Offer a Mass, say a rosary, have a Holy Hour for the unborn, homeless, incarcerated, etc.
  • Include Respect Life intentions in your daily prayers. 
  • Spiritually Adopt a baby for 9 months to save a baby from abortion. You can also spiritually adopt and pray for an elderly person, a teen to remain chaste, a prisoner, an abortionist, etc. Simply name the person & say a daily prayer for your special intention for that person.  
  • Additional Options:
         a. T
    he entire student body can pray for a baby and a Gender Reveal party can be held half way through the spiritual adoption.  To determine the gender, have someone pick "boy" or "girl" from a hat. 
         b. Write a letter to the spiritually adopted baby and imagine what they need to hear from someone who loves them. 
  • Attend Mass/Prayer Service in your parish on January 22nd of each year. This is the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade when abortion was made legal in the United States.
  • Start a prayer group at school to pray for those who are suffering - ie, mom with unplanned pregnancy, homeless, elderly, special needs, incarcerated, etc.  You can meet one day a week before/after school to say a Pro-Life Rosary.  
  • Write prayers for life and send them to Respect Life organization. 
  • Send home a rosary and ask the family to say the  Pro-Life Meditations for the week. 
  • Have a class liturgy or prayer service with a Respect Life them.
  • Plan a class retreat around a Respect Life theme. 

    Do - It changes things (Parents/Teachers)

  • Use Respect Life stickers, stamps, envelopes, decals, bumper  stickers, t-shirts, checks etc. (You can order them from Heritage House.)
  • Become informed about current issues regarding all life issues and share that information with everyone you meet. It is important to educate yourself on life issues. 
  • Subscribe to Respect Life newsletters and magazines to keep updated regarding local & national activities and issues.   
  • Leave Respect Life brochures, cards, info wherever you go. You never know whose life you may save. (reception rooms, malls, restaurants, doctor's office, any public place you visit - you can also put on bulletin boards in coffee shops, libraries, grocery stores, etc.)
  • Make certain that all organizations to which you make donations are Pro-Family and Pro-Life centered. 
  • Write letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines about any life topic.
  • Purchase a "Choose Life" License plate for your car.  Louisiana residents click here
  • Volunteer your professional skills (doctors, lawyers, nurses, accountants, therapists, etc) to local Pro-Life organizations. 
  • Join Respect Life organizations in your area that are working to build a Culture of Life in your community.
  • Become a sidewalk counselor and offer desperate moms a loving voice before they enter the abortion site. 
  • Mentor young women facing unplanned pregnancies. 
  • Sponsor a needy child in another country.  

    Do - It changes things (Do with Children)
  • Wear pink & blue ribbons to show that you will stand-up for the unborn. Place these ribbons on your school bag, purse, trees, etc.
  • Wear the "Precious feet" pin, which shows the exact size of a baby's feet 10 weeks after conception. You can also wear a Pro-Life red rose.
  • Wear a  Holy Medal or Chastity Ring to promote purity for yourself and others.
  • Cards - Send a card to an expecting mom, someone who is incarcerated, homeless or elderly letting them know that you are praying for them.  
  • Give a blessed newborn blanket to the new babies in your church or organization.  
  • Chalk your campus or neighborhood with life-affirming messages.
  • Design Respect Life posters, banners, etc. to be displayed at school, church, libraries, etc.
  • Contact your legislators and let them know you stand on all life issues.  
  • Have a classroom debate on a respect life topic. 
  • Write a letter, thanking your local pregnancy care center or pro-life organization for their work. 
  • Work with those who have disabilities and homeless. Pro-lifers have compassion for people who are already born and they provide pro-life solutions to the problems of our world.
  • Clean out closets and donate items to a homeless shelter.
  • Collect food items for a local food pantry. 
  • Take time to visit a  home for the elderly.  Ask the residents there to pray for those in need. 
  • Have the grandparents of students come read to the students. 
  • Offer to help the elderly in your neighborhood - rake leaves, visit, check on them, etc. 
  • Invite a new mom & dad and their baby to come visit. They can share their experiences of the pregnancy & new life. 
  • Give "new mom" bags.  Include daily devotions, Bible, prayer for new baby, toiletries, etc. 
  • Make journals for mothers with unplanned pregnancies with a monthly account of baby's development. 
  • Donate wedding gowns to Compassionate Burial for Indigent Babies.  The gowns will be used to make burial gowns for the babies. 
  • Invite a speaker to come to your youth/religious group.
  • Have a bulletin board with Respect Life current events, issues and information. 
  • Publish a Respect Life newsletter. 
  • Have a booth at local fairs, craft shows, conventions, etc.  Suggested ideas: have a respect life video playing, respect life brochures available, sell respect life items (these can be things the students made or things purchased from Heritage House), have a Baby contest, etc.  For the baby contest families can submit photos of their baby and the pictures are displayed in the booth.  Each person who would like to vote, must pay $.50 or $1.00.  Have a designated time for votes.  
  • Have DVDs, books and other materials available on Respect Life issues.  Please make sure that all materials are age appropriate. 
  • Host a "Movie for a Meaning" night and show a Respect Life movie. (October Baby, Bella)
  • Conduct a "Fun"-Raiser -  bake sale, raffle, etc to raise money for a local crisis pregnancy center or other Culture of Life organization. 
  • Raise money for a Pro-Life billboard.  Visit Prolife Across America for more information. 
  • Host a Pro-Life Palooza! Have information, music, skits, speakers, etc. to celebrate LIFE!
  • Organize a "Party with a Purposein your community.  

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