Spiritual Adoption

Over one million babies are aborted in the United States every year. This enormous number of deaths is breathtaking. Many people are curious as to what they can do to help save a baby from being aborted. The most important thing we can do is PRAY.

Many women, who discover they are 6 weeks pregnant, do not realize that the baby’s heart is beating. The baby can flex his fingers and toes and suck its thumb. Your prayers can make a difference as to whether this baby will be born or be aborted. You can save a baby from being aborted by spiritually adopting an unborn baby who is in danger of being aborted.

You will not know who this baby may be; however, God knows his identity. You can name the baby whatever you like. You then commit to pray daily for this baby for the next 9 months. You will be the "Spiritual Parent" of this unborn baby and you will meet him/her in heaven one day.  Your prayers will be heard and this baby will be carried to term and experience the fullness of Life!

Spiritual Adoptions are very effective when they are organized in a community or organization. Ask your Parish Priest or school leaders how you can incorporate a Spiritual Adoption Program in your community.

Prayer - 
“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of [baby’s name] the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.”

- Prayer of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Helpful Hints -
       Spiritual Adoptions   - 

  • You can start a Spiritual Adoption at any time.  Some suggestions are ~ March 25, the Annunciation,  the first weekend in October, which is Respect Life weekend or January 22nd, the Anniversary of Roe v Wade . Have someone from the committee speak at all the Masses explaining the program. You can use the explanation above. After the masses hand out the cards for them to fill out with their babies name. Those can be found at the link below. Tell them that the baby will be born 9 months from that date.
  • Each month put an update of the baby in the bulletin, or on social media so they can follow along and you can put a poster on display in the back of church each month. The posters can be purchased through Heritage House.
  • At the end of the 9 months you can hold a "baby shower" and have everyone bring in baby items. Or, they can donate money and the money can be used to buy a large baby item, such as a crib or something. The items can be donated to a local pregnancy center. You can ask the pregnancy center if there is anything in particular they need. 

    Steps to Get Started -

    -Place bulletin insert in parish bulletin (should run in the bulletin the Sunday before the program)
        Sample Announcement - Everyone loves the beauty and innocence of a baby.  As an expression of that love, "your parish" announces a Spiritual Adoption program for young and old alike.  The members of "your parish" parish family will have the opportunity next weekend to "spiritually" adopt a child who is newly conceived this month.  You see, not all newly conceived babies are allowed to be born.  In fact, almost 4000 babies lose their lives to abortion each day! It is these babies, who are in danger of having their lives ended before birth, that you are being asked to "adopt".  
           You may "adopt" a child individually or as a family by signing up the weekend of (give date).  You will be asked to name the child for whom you will be praying, thereby giving the baby the humanity he or she deserves. You will become the "spiritual parents" of this baby.  You will be asked to pray for the unborn child and for all the unborn children, for the power of prayer is great.  
           You will receive monthly reports describing your baby's development and your child will be born in (9 months from the start date). 
            There are millions of unborn babies desperately in need of your prayers. Won't you please "spiritually adopt" one and share the love of life that God has given you. 
-Have the celebrant or lector mention that the Spiritual Adoption program begins next weekend and that the details of the program can be found in the bulletin.  (see above Bulletin insert)

-Place pledge cards in each pew along with some pencils. 
-Have celebrant read the enclosed bulletin/pulpit announcement after his homily.  After the announcement, a brief time should be given for the parishioners to sign the pledge. 
-Have the ushers collect the pledges after the first collection.  Place the pledge cards in a basket or some attractive container. 
-The pledges should be carried up during the offertory procession and placed near the altar. 

-Place a thank you note in the bulletin for those that signed up for the program letting the parishioners know how many individuals and families are participating.  

-Place announcement in bulletin with a reminder to continue to pray for their spiritually adopted baby along with information on the development of the unborn child.  

-Plan a baby shower and ask parishioners to bring a new item to Mass for a local Crisis Pregnancy Center to celebrate the "birth" of their spiritually adopted baby. (diapers, layette items, bottles, etc)

 Holy Heroes has a great Spiritual Adoption Program!

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